Adoption Scams in Georgia – Seek legal advice before adopting.

Adoption Scams in Georgia

There are no stats on how often adoption scams in Georgia happens, but few police departments will investigate. But sources indicate adoption scams are on the rise in Georgia. Seek legal advice before adopting.

Adoption scams prey on the emotions of hopeful parents-to-be. They are often paying the birthmother’s expenses including Rent, Gas & Food, Cell Phone, Maternity Clothing, and other Fees during the pregnancy. It can run into the thousands of dollars even before the adoption agency and legal fees.

adoption scams in Georgia

Here is the 11 Alive Investigative Report on Parents-to-be lured in by promise of a family, then birth moms don’t deliver from Rebecca Lindstrom and Adrianne Haney, WXIA

Here are a couple of tips to avoid adoption fraud by birthmothers from the National Council For Adoption.

Three Keys to Avoiding Adoption Fraud
There are many ways to substantially reduce the chances of being defrauded. Here are three of the most important tips:

1. Listen to your inner voice. If you sense that a particular situation is not quite right, follow your instincts. You can further research the situation or walk away.

2. Acquire REAL proof of pregnancy. Stories about doctor’s appointments and how the baby is growing are not proof of pregnancy. An ultrasound image with the correct name
and date on it is also not proof. Even “looking pregnant” is not proof. Prospective adoptive parents should seek written documentation from a doctor. Then you can follow-up with the doctor’s office to ensure its legitimacy.

3. You can limit or eliminate the amount of cash provided to potential birth families. Sometimes it’s legal to pay for pregnancy-related expenses as part of the adoption. However, that doesn’t mean that prospective adoptive parents have to provide the expectant mother with cash.1 Instead, providers should be paid directly (e.g., pay the landlord directly to cover rent; pay the hospital or clinic directly to cover medical expenses; pay the utility company directly if the birthmother needs help paying her electric bill).

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