Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA)

Hester Outman LLC is proud to have their own Jerrold W. Hester and James B. Outman as Fellows of the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (“AAAA”)

Jerrold W. Hester has been a Fellow with the AAAA since 1992 and James B. Outman has been a Fellow with the AAAA since 2002. The AAAA Fellows are located in almost every state and on the AAAA website ( you may locate an attorney in your state or in another state to work with you to handle all aspects of adoption, whether it be private adoption, interstate adoption, relative adoption, or step-parent adoption. Membership in AAAA is by invitation only and to be eligible an attorney must have practiced law for at least five (5) years, have worked on at least fifty (50) adoption proceedings, and at least ten (10) interstate compact placements.

A Fellow of the AAAA shall be licensed in each jurisdiction in which the Fellow practices law, and shall fully comply with the Ethical Rules, Disciplinary Rules, Ethical Canons, or other Rules of Professional Conduct in effect in each jurisdiction in which the Fellow practices law. A Fellow shall maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. A Fellow shall not engage in activities that bring discredit upon the Academy. A Fellow shall extend every possible professional courtesy to other Fellows and to the clients of other Fellows.

AAAA was formerly known as The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (“AAAA”), and it had a subsidiary academy, The American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (“AAARTA”), but in May 2017 it adopted a unified name: Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, retaining its well-known acronym “AAAA“.

The new unified name represents a blend of a well-established method of family building and securing parentage for children through adoption with the newer technologies of building and securing families through assisted reproductive technologies. The purpose of the Academy is to consistently study, promote, and improve the laws of adoption and the practice of adoption law throughout the United States as well as abroad. The AAAA provides its Fellows with an abundance of unmatched benefits and resources such as the ability to cross-refer cases throughout the U.S. and abroad, the ability to network via referrals and interactions with other Fellows, the ability to attend and present at state of the art conferences and webinars, and enhanced website presence via the online Academy Directory of Fellows.